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Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture – Challenges in Soil Science confronting Global Food Security

januari 30, 2018
januari 31, 2018
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The aim of this 2-day exploratory workshop is to gather SLU researchers focusing on soil science related questions within the area of sustainable agriculture. The workshop should act as a think-tank for future common research proposals both on the national as well as the international level.

Agricultural soils are vital for a multitude of life-supporting ecosystem services, e.g. nutrient cycling, food supply, biofuel production and climate regulation encompassing carbon sequestration. Drivers linked to agriculture account for 70% of the projected loss of terrestrial biodiversity, and the systems may not be resilient to changing climatic conditions. Increasing demand for food, fiber and fuel is, however, putting additional pressure on our ecosystems.

To help ease the pressure, agriculture needs to adopt practices that minimize external impacts on agroecosystems while making the production systems long-term sustainable in respect to provisioning and regulating ecosystem services. The EU Common Agricultural Policy reform acknowledges this challenge and actively works towards a policy on sustainable intensification of agricultural land.

The workshop is funded through SLUs strategic cross-disciplinary initiative on Sustainable Multifunctional Land Use, and is scheduled for the 30th and 31st of January 2018.

Workshop sessions

  • Background – Why bother?
  • Future potential of long-term field experiments & farm platforms
  • Sustainable land use & water management in africa and asia

    – Agroforestry & other cropping systems
    – Rice production

  • Developing novel farming systems
    – Soil management & soil structure dynamics
    – Soil ecological engineering – biology matters
    – Precision agriculture & soil fertility

Each session will consist of a vision talk presented by an international speaker followed by SLU presentations. Discussion groups will also be part of the workshop.


Tid: 2018-01-30 – 2018-01-31
Ort: Uppsala
Mer information:
Deadline for abstracts is 15th of December 2017 and for registration 17th of January 2018

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