IUFRO 2019

2 nov 2012

SIFI has been given the responsibility

This project page compiles material used for Sweden’s application of the the IUFRO world congress 2019. SIFI has been given responsibility for coordinating the preparations behind the application. The Stockholm Convention Bureau has supported with the budget and the compilation of the application. SLU will take on the hosting of the World Congress. SIFI has arranged a meeting and created a national IUFRO group to support the application process and in the future to support the Swedish involvement in IUFRO. In the light of this background the application looks promising.

The Swedish bid was selected for further consideration

In total, eight bids for the IUFRO World Congress 2019 were received by the deadline. The IUFRO Management Committee (MC) has carefully evaluated all bids. The Swedish bid submitted by SLU has been selected for further consideration together with a Tri-national bid submitted by Germany and a bid from Brazil.

Representatives of the IUFRO Management Committee and the IUFRO Head Quarter visit the proposed Congress site the 27th of March 2013. The purpose was to (i) meet with representatives from organizations and Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) mentioned in the organizational plan; (ii) to assess specific facts as presented in the bidding documents and (iii) to discuss remaining questions.

Presentation in Costa Rica 10th June

The short-listed bids will finally be presented by the Chairs of the three Congress Organizing Committees at the IUFRO Board Meeting on 10 June 2013 in San José, Costa Rica. The Board will cast its vote on the three bids for hosting the XXV IUFRO World Congress 2019 the same day. The result of this vote will determine the recommendation to the IUFRO International Council.

Swedish Video and presentation

Welcome to Sweden 720p 0db

Presentation Sweden IUFRO 2019 FI


IUFRO:s styrelse har nu tagit beslutet 

Sverige har nått finalen inför IUFRO 2019

The Swedish bid was selected for further consideration

The Swedish application for the IUFRO Congress 2019

News letter Nr 9 – Theme IUFRO and the Swedish application

Video from in congress tours:

Tour introduction-Clip1


IUFRO Bidding rules

The report to the Government Offices for the support of the application (in Swedish)

Working paper – the Swedish application