A Nordic research school in forest regeneration and restoration

Summary of the meeting at KSLA, November 23rd


Jan Heino (Jord- och skogsbruksministeriet i Finland), Olle Forshed (WWF), Madelene Ostwald (Linköpings och Göteborgs universitet), Jonas Rönnberg (SLU), Anders Malmer (SLU), Gert Nyberg (SLU), Magnus Löf (SLU), Mulualem Tigabu (SLU), Karl-Erik Johansson (SLU), Daniela Kleinschmit (SLU), Anders Roos (SLU), Reidar Persson (SIFI), Björn Lundgren (SIFI), Fredrik Ingemarson (SIFI)


  • 14.00-14.30 Orientation on ongoing plans
  • 14.30-15.00 Discussions about a Nordic research school
    15.30-16.00 Conclusions and responsibilities


The starting point for a Nordic collaboration is very favorable considering the Nordic countries’ reputation and network in Africa. It was mentioned that for example a green economy and ecosystem services are more atractive topics on the international agenda than forest and forestry. Thus, it was suggested that the application should take this into consideration to attract the donors.

The leading actors in preparing a research school should be VITRI and SLU. It was suggested that the Norwegian University of Life Sciences could take part as an observer early in the process.

The first step will be to ensure Sidas position regarding the funding of the current proposal of a Regional Research School in Forest Sciences REFOREST Africa. It was decided that SIFI should approach Sida with this requirement. Accordingly, Gert should send required documents to Fredrik (updated background documents, possibly diar number, a description of the contacts taken with Sida, etc.).

The second step is to prepare a joint workshop, preferably in Helsinki in the first quarter of 2013. Depending on the answer from Sida the aim of the first meeting will be to

a)      Develop the REFOREST Africa proposal further in accordance to VITRIs requirements or

b)      Establish a “think thank” to develop a brand new proposal in accordance to the donors

Stockholm, November 23, 2012

Fredrik Ingemarson, Program Manager, the Secretariat for International Forestry Issues, SIFI

Picture: Mangroves-Malaysia, Alexander Buck


Capacity building and learning – Reidar Persson

Restoration of degraded rural landscapes – Anders Malmer

Regional Research School in Forest Sciences REFOREST Africa – Gert Nyberg

Master course in restoration – Magnus Löf

FOCALI – Forest climate and livelihood research network – Madelene Ostwald