IUFRO disseminate scientific knowledge to stakeholders

Executive Director Alexander Buck states the mission of the World’s Forest Science Network

The International Union of Forest Research Organizations is the World’s Forest Science Network. It is the only worldwide international organization devoted to forest research and related sciences and is open to organizations and individuals involved in forest research and forest-related sciences. Headquarters of this non-governmental and non-profit union established in 1892 are currently located in Vienna, Austria.

The Mission of IUFRO

IUFRO’s mission is to promote global cooperation in forest-related research and to enhance the understanding of the ecological, economic and social aspects for forests and trees; as well as to disseminate scientific knowledge to stakeholders and decision-makers and to contribute to policy and on-the ground forest management.


To this end, the network presently unites more than 15,000 scientists in approximately 650 member organizations in 120 countries. Some 700 voluntary officeholders coordinate roughly 250 research units and are involved in organizing around 70 scientific meetings every year. A series of Special Projects, Programmes and Initiatives are dedicated to strengthen the work of IUFRO at the science-policy interface, to efficiently spread forest-related knowledge as well as expand and foster forest research capacity in developing countries. All these activities are eventually designed to enhance communication within the scientific community and increase the visibility of science-based research findings of IUFRO’s member organizations and scientific experts.

Global importance

Scientists in the IUFRO network cooperate with the primary aim to present effective and research-based responses to the myriad of forest problems faced by society. Many forest-related issues of global importance are of strong interest to policy makers and other groups of society also outside the forest sector. To respond adequately to these challenges and issues, IUFRO has defined six key themes in its current Strategy that shall guide disciplinary and interdisciplinary research. These thematic areas are: Forests for People, Forests and Climate Change, Forest Bioenergy, Forest Biodiversity Conservation, Forest and Water Interactions, and Resources for the Future. In addressing these topics, special attention is given to fully considering their ecological, social and economic dimensions.

Text by Alexander Buck, IUFRO Executive Director

Photo by Wolfgang Simlinger showing the IUFRO-board


Site-Visit for IUFRO World Congress 2019

Executive Director Alexander Buck will visit Sweden when representatives of the IUFRO Management Committee and the IUFRO Head Quarter will visit the proposed Congress site the 27th of March 2013, see https://www.sifi.se/nyheter/the-iufro-world-congress-2019/

The 9th issue of SIFI’s newsletter is devoted to IUFRO

The 9th issue of SIFI’s newsletter is devoted to the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO).