IUFRO – the World’s Forest Science Network

The meeting in Stockholm demonstrated the potential for collaboration

IUFRO, the World’s Forest Science Network, is the global platform for networking among forest scientists and for sharing knowledge and innovation with international policy makers and stakeholders.

The IUFRO World Congress

Every five years the IUFRO World Congress impressively demonstrates the outstanding role and quality of the IUFRO network. The host country can showcase its forest-related activities and achievements and impress the international guests with its culture and hospitality.

The mission of IUFRO

IUFRO promotes global cooperation in forest-related research and enhances the understanding of the ecological, economic and social aspects of forests and trees, including wood and non-wood products, goods and services. It disseminates scientific knowledge to stakeholders and decision-makers and contributes to forest policy and on-the-ground forest management. For more information about IUFRO see the presentation below or visit www.iufro.org.

The meeting with the SIFI think tank in Stockholm

Similar to IUFRO, SIFI brings together key institutions and stakeholders in Sweden to address international forest issues in a holistic and innovative manner. The meeting of the SIFI think tank in Stockholm on 30 August 2012 confirmed the high degree and quality of the participation of Swedish scientists in the global IUFRO network, but also demonstrated the potential for capturing the benefits and synergies created by the collaboration even more fully at an institutional level.

We are most grateful to SIFI for facilitating related exchange of information and coordination in Sweden.

By Jan Heino (IUFRO Development Officer) and Alexander Buck (IUFRO Executive Director)

Picture: www.iufro.org