Lisa Sennerby Forsse strengthen SIFI

We are happy to announce that Adj. Professor Lisa Sennerby Forsse add new competencies to SIFI

After nine years as vice-chancellor of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Lisa Sennerby Forsse is taking on new challenges. Her vice-chancellor period at SLU was characterized by investments in internationalisation, infrastructure and external collaboration.

Truly valuable for the Think Tank

Her international and leadership experiences together with her expertise on plantation forestry, capacity building and environmental aspects of different land uses will be truly valuable for the Advisory Group of SIFI.

An impressive CV

Adj. Professor Lisa Sennerby Forsse CV is impressive, with national and international merits as member of different research forums and advisory bodies, including to the Swedish parliament and government.

Doctoral studies in botany

Adj. Professor Lisa Sennerby Forsse has a background in the arts with a Bachelor’s degree from Lund University. This was followed by a degree in chemistry and biology from Stockholm University, doctoral studies in botany and a post as research group leader at SLU.

International experiences

Lisa spent a period as visiting researcher at the University of Toronto, Canada, followed by a Sida mission as expert on a tree-planting project in northern China.

Leadership experience

Before becoming vice-chancellor of SLU in July 2006, she worked as head of research at Skogforsk, head of the division of natural resources at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and as principal secretary and head of the research council Formas.


Author: Fredrik Ingemarson, parts of the article originates from Resurs, 27 May 2015.

Photo:  Jenny Svennås-Gillner