SIFI:s newsletter 9 – IUFRO – the World’s Forest Science Network

The 9th issue of SIFI ’s newsletter is devoted to the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, which is the only worldwide international organization for forest research and related sciences.

Interdisciplinary research

In this issue several Divisions and Task forces within IUFRO are presented, reflecting the diversity among the researchers and the members covering forest policy, agro-forestry systems, bio-energy and forests for people, etc.

A Swedish application for IUFRO 2019

Over the years collaboration between Sweden and IUFRO has been successful. Jan Heino, IUFRO Development Officer, points out that Sweden is well represented and active within the research networks and the IUFRO administration. One way of taking the collaboration a step forward is for Sweden to apply to host the IUFRO world congress 2019. This opportunity is featured in the final article of the newsletter. Please find the content below.

Content – Issue Number 9 – IUFRO

• The Future Direction of IUFRO p 2

• IUFRO – the World’s Forest Science Network p 3

• Adaption and flexible agroforestry systems p 4

• Forest Policy and Economics p 5

• Social aspects of Forests and Forestry p 5

• Resources for the Future p 6

• International Forest Governance p 6

• Forests for people – impulse for Sweden p 7

• Swedish Bio energy – piggy-backing on a Strong Forest Industry p 8

• World forests, Society and Environment p 8

• The Global Forest Expert Panels p 9

• Collaboration between Sweden and IUFRO p 10

• The Swedish Application for IUFRO 2019 p 11

• Calendar, autumn activities p 12

Text: Fredrik Ingemarson, Editor

The Secretariat for International Forestry Issues

Photo: Rural Morocco. Alexander Buck