The industry should take the leading role

Take home messages from the conference on transformation in Canada and Sweden

Hervé Deschênes, VP business development at FP Innovations, and Åke Barklund, managing director of KSLA, highlighted the following key messages to take home from the day:

Sweden and Canada have a lot in common and a lot to gain by developing a model for collaboration in Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation.

R&D and Innovation are two different approaches – both are needed!

Cross-sectorial innovations and partnerships for innovations are required.

The industry should take the leading role in the unavoidable transformation of the sector.

Governments should support the transformation by providing the right operating environment.

Legislation for forestry and environment should be operated at the same geographical level to facilitate the discussions.

There is a need to develop silvicultural systems adapted to different owners objectives and users rights.

Please find more information about the conference and SIFI:s newsletter 8 which summarizes the day here.

Photo: The closing session of the conference with an outlook of the forest sector and take home messages. From the left: Sten Nilsson, Hervé Deschênes, Åke Barklund, Jan Fryk.