The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is today unveiling a new industry-led vision that outlines where the forest industry sees itself by the year 2020. Through its accompanying goals, the vision will challenge companies, governments and other partners to find innovative ways to further transform the sector to reach its potential.

Canada’s Natural Advantage

Under the brand of “Canada’s Natural Advantage”, the FPAC vision states that “by 2020, the Canadian forest products industry will power Canada’s new economy by being green, innovative and open to the world. It is a place to grow and prosper.”

Vision 2020 sets out three ambitious goals for the sector:

  1. PRODUCTS: Generate an additional $20 billion in economic activity from new innovations and growing markets
  2. PERFORMANCE: Deliver a further 35% improvement in the sector’s environmental footprint
  3. PEOPLE: Renew the workforce with at least 60,000 new recruits including women, Aboriginals and immigrants

Ensure a vibrant path for the industry in the years ahead

“Canada’s forest products industry has already made significant progress in becoming more competitive, in tackling new markets, in developing innovative new bio-products from wood fibre and in greening our operations,” says the President and CEO of FPAC, Catherine Cobden. “However we do not intend to rest on our laurels. This vision will inspire us to go even further to ensure a vibrant path for the industry in the years ahead.”

Ongoing transformation

“The Government of Canada is proud of the unprecedented investments we have made in the evolution of Canada’s forest industry and applaud the industry for its ongoing transformation,” says the Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources. “Our Government supports the development of new, innovative products and technologies, and growing markets so that Canada’s forest sector will continue to be on a strong footing into the future.”

Continue to work with partners

”Through commitment to innovation in our businesses, sustainability performance and markets, we are an industry on the move”, says Jim Lopez the President and CEO of Tembec Inc. and Chairman of the Board at FPAC. “We are determined to continue to work with partners including government so that our vision becomes a reality and Canada’s leadership position in a highly competitive global marketplace is assured.”

Vision 2020 demonstrates the dynamic direction

“Vision 2020 outlines three key areas for future success — People, Products and Environmental Performance — and is consistent with where the industry is going to ensure profitability and sustainability.” says Richard Garneau, the President and CEO of Resolute Forest Products. “Vision 2020 demonstrates the dynamic direction of the forest sector and its future contribution to the economy and job creation in Canada and its rural communities.”

FPAC will be taking its vision and challenge across Canada and expects to report back with concrete suggestions on reaching its three goals later this year.

Press Release, May 17 2012, OTTAWA

Picture: The President and CEO of FPAC, Catherine Cobden, speaking at the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (Photograph Emma Berglund)

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