Rönnberg, Jonas

PhD in Forestry – expert on international relations between government agencies and business
E-post: jonas.ronnberg@slu.se
Tele: 0706-727 643
Hemsida: https://www.slu.se

Curriculum vitae:

  • Associate Prof., Dr., Vice Dean, Faculty of Forest Sciences, SLU, Alnarp.
  • After the degree Jonas was working part time with research in forest management at SLU in Alnarp and part time as a forest expert for IKEA in primarily China and Europe with both solid and non-solid wood products. 2002
  • Jonas returned to SLU full time as project leader for the research group and took active part in the development of and teaching at the international master program “Euroforester”. The coordination of the faculty’s collaboration initiative directed to China has been part of the responsibilities since 2004.
  • Associate professorship at the faculty of forest sciences and got elected for the faculty board (2007).
  • Member of the international committee at the faculty and since 2008 also the head for the same (2004).
  • During 2007 Jonas acted deputy head of the department.
  • Besides the normal referee services and academia (evaluation boards for thesis) commissions of trust can be summarized as: Member of the board for The Swedish Forestry Association (20100420-present)
  • Member of the International Committee at the Royal Swedish Academy of Agricultural Forestry (KSLA) (20080401-present)
  • Head of the committee for Equality at the Faculty of Forest Sciences (20101201-present); Head of the steering committee for Heureka at the Faculty of Forest Sciences (2009-present); Head of the committee for Environmental Monitoring at the Faculty of Forest Sciences (2008-2010); Member of the Faculty of Forestry Board (20070101-present); Member of the steering committee of the Market Oriented Competence Centre (MIK) at SLU (20070101-present); Member/head of the International committee at the Faculty of Forestry (2004-present)
  • Contact person for the Union (SACO) at the Department (1999-2006, 2008-present)
  • Studies to MSc in Forestry finished at SLU in Umeå 1995, PhD in forestry 1999 at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU in Alnarp.