Integrated Landscape Approaches

A new sense of urgency has evolved that traditional sectorial approaches are no longer working to identify challenges and opportunities in global land use development. This policy brief identifies priorities on how to proceed from the current level of understanding in applying landscape approaches in practice. The governing structures today do not correspond to landscapes, but rather to sectors at all hierarchical levels. It remains to be seen if the integrated landscapes outweigh their transaction costs. The conclusion is that an interaction between the landscape approach and the sectorial administration would be the most fruitful way forward at this stage. Well represented sectors and trust among stakeholders are necessary for the Landscape Approach to become successful. Another advice is to be careful with a formal institutionalization of the landscape approach. There is a need for taking environmental services more into consideration in all parts of the landscape. Theway forward is suggested to focus upon all aspects of sustainability, notably also economic aspects. Without the consultation of supporting economic incentives a new concept will hardly be successful. Instead of only evaluating economic and ecological criteria it is suggested to focus more on what the landscape contributes toward achieving societal goals.