Territorial dynamics and disputes the Peruvian Amazon

15 aug 2011

The magnitude of private and public investments in the Peruvian Amazon is immense

Reflections on the seminar about global trends

10 aug 2011

A selected number of acknowledged thinkers provided an insightful summary of the challenges

Half-time ahead of COP17

2 aug 2011

The world’s climate change negotiators have gathered again in Bonn for a new negotiating session

Press Release: Land rights play key role in conflict

16 jul 2011

New studies suggest lack of meaningful land rights play key role in conflict, increase in carbon...

Symmary from the Blue Skies meeting at Chatham House

9 jul 2011

Trends Shaping Land Use and Natural Resource Governance to 2030

Mega trends

23 jun 2011

In collaboration with the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), the Secretariat for International Forest...

Bio-based Economy Ripe with Opportunity, but for Whom?

15 jun 2011

While there is a sense that governments and forestry industry are struggling to keep pace with...

Global trends – implications on the development and use of natural resources

1 jun 2011

A seminar the 8th of June in collaboration with the think tank Rights and Resources Initiative

ETFRN NEWS 52: Chainsaw milling: supplier to local markets

18 apr 2011

International agreements regarding timber and carbon trading, such as the European Union’s Action Plan on...