The global forest and tree-cover situation in 2020

24 mar 2021

Reports about the forest cover shows that the truth can be explained in many ways. This report clears up...

Gröna klimatfonden ska bli mer effektiv

16 dec 2018

FN:s Gröna klimatfond bistår fattiga länder i klimatarbetet. Nu ses stadgarna över så att det framtida...

Green Climate Fund at Paris Peace Forum

15 nov 2018

Co-Chair Lennart Båge presents challenges and opportunities

Green Climate Fund invests USD 1 billion

21 okt 2018

For developing country climate action

Stockholm is short listed

20 nov 2017

The Nordic and Baltic bid has now been short listed.

New Assistant Director-General of FAO Forestry

4 sep 2017

Mr Mitsugi will be leading the Forestry Department 

The Nordic and Baltic bid is delivered to IUFRO in Vienna

1 jun 2017

The IUFRO Secretariat have now received the bid for the XXVI IUFRO World Congress