The Nordic and Baltic bid is delivered to IUFRO in Vienna

1 jun 2017

The IUFRO Secretariat have now received the bid for the XXVI IUFRO World Congress

President and Director express a sincere appreciation

The IUFRO President Professor Mike Wingfield and Executive Director Alexander Buck express a sincere appreciation to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and its partners in the Nordic and Baltic Countries for submitting the bid.

Fifty letters of support

They recognize the efforts made by our organizations in preparing the bid. SLU is grateful for all work put into the process through the Nordic and Baltic partners. The prepared excursions and the number of supporting letters are impressive. Fifty letters of support have been delivered to the IUFRO secretariat in Vienna.

The evaluation process

As stated in the bidding rules for hosting the XXVI IUFRO World Congress, the IUFRO Management Committee will carefully evaluate all bids received and rank up to three best applications for further consideration.

A ticket to Corvallis

By 31 November 2017 a maximum of three applicants submitting the best bids will be invited to give a presentation to the IUFRO Board at its meeting on October 2018 at Corvallis, Oregon, USA. The aim of the Nordic and Baltic efforts is to send a delegation full of expectations of an upcoming hosting of the IUFRO world congress.


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Photograph: Joosep Martinson/Visit Estonia