A new world forestry leader

11 dec 2015

A new Assistant Director-General for FAO Forestry Department is appointed



The Costa Rican politician Dr. René Castro Salazar is appointed as Assistant DirectorGeneral (ADG) to head the Forestry Department of FAO.


Natural Resource Economics and Sustainable Development

Dr. René Castro Salazar holds a Master’s and PhD degrees from Harvard University, with an emphasis on Natural Resource Economics and Sustainable Development. He also holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Costa Rica.


Minister of foreign affairs

Castro has served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from May 2010 until August 2011.


Minister of Environment and Energy

On August 2011, Castro was appointed Minister of Environment and Energy, a position he already held during 1994–1998.


Other political posts

Castro has also been deputy minister of the Interior and Police, and President of San José City Council. He has also served as Secretary General of the National Liberation Party.




Fredrik Ingemarson, Project Manager SIFI


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