WWF’s Living Forests Report

30 dec 2011

We stand to lose 125 million hectares by 2030

According to the latest chapter of WWF’s Living Forests Report, “Forests and Climate”, the world stands to lose 55 million hectares of forest between now and 2020, even if we take urgent action to reduce deforestation. If the world delays the necessary steps, we stand to lose 125 million hectares by 2030, according to the report.

A collaboration with IIASA

The Living Forests Report uses the Living Forests Model, created in collaboration with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), to examine the emissions implications of two key WWF targets: reducing deforestation to near zero by 2020 and an associated emissions reductions target.

The Key findings

  • The longer we wait the more forests we lose and the more CO2 is emitted.
  • Delaying action will create major increases in the total costs of mitigation and adaptation.
  • We cannot plant our way out of the problem. The Living Forests Model projects a major expansion of short rotation plantations, but shows that new plantations would not begin to sequester enough carbon to offset emissions from deforestation until more than 30 years from now.


WWF International, Press Release Nov 27, 2011

Photo: John Foxx

More information

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The report can be downloaded from: https://www.sifi.se/?cat=4