Nilsson, Sten

Professor – expert on boreal forests policy and global forest sector analysis

Curriculum vitae:

  • Consultancies in organizations such as The World Bank, FAG, GECD, European Commission and SIDA
  • Visiting affiliation with IIASA  (currently)
  • Leader of the Forestry Program at IIASA (1990), Counselor to the Director (1998-2002), Appointed Deputy Director (2002-2008) and Acting Director of IIASA (2008)
  • Headed two commissions for the Swedish government concerning intensified research in the forest sector in Sweden (1985).
  • Leader of the Institute of Forest Products Industry Market Studies and Professor in Economic Planning at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Appointed by the Canadian Government to set up new strategies for the forest sector in Canada (1983-84)
  • Professor in economic planning at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (1976)
  • Ph.D. in economic planning from the same college (1975)
  • M.Sc. in forestry from the Royal College of Forestry in Stockholm (1971)
  • Working member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry as well as of the Scientific Committee of Academia Istropolitana Nova, Slovakia
  • An Academician of the UN International Academy of Informatics, Russia
  • Foreign Member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
  • Authored and co-authored over 350 scientific publications