Making Boreal Forests Work for People and Nature

17 okt 2012

The forestry sector in boreal forest regions has been drastically affected by multiple
meta-drivers. Consequently, there is a strong need to shift focus and support towards
renewal and diversification through green economy and forest-related services. This
could result in forest-based sector that would be a thriving combination of new and
traditional activities in the future.
It is apparent that services related to wood and non-wood forest products, as well as
the many other forest ecosystem services such as climate change mitigation, water
provisioning and for recreational and cultural values will play an ever-growing role in
the economies and well-being of the boreal region.
Cross-sectoral policies, coordinated strategies and collaboration among various economic
sectors are necessary to secure these services to meet the future demands and to
develop practices to support forests in providing economic diversity.
Closer collaboration among boreal countries, among governments, stakeholders and
international organizations, is needed to support the transformation of the forest sector
and to enhance adaptation of the boreal forests to future uncertainties.