Integrated landscape approaches


This policy recommendations are presented in a policy brief in collaboration with SIANI. It also presents the concept, lessons learned, the future of the landscape approaches as well as persistent challenges and obstacles.
  1. Create a relevant and useful definition of the landscape approach which includes indicators for monitoring and evaluation.
  2. Demonstrate and document the advantages and disadvantages of implementing landscape approaches.
  3. Make landscapes a focal point of the green economy, with initiatives to maximize both public- and private-sector engagement.
  4. Attract commercial investors by working to reduce investment risk, consolidating partnerships between public, private and civil society organizations, and fostering linkages between sectors.
  5. Establish stakeholder platforms to organize and mediate dialogue between the actors involved in multi-functional landscape activities.
  6. Focus on what a landscape approach can contribute towards broad societal goals. Include economic incentives and show how this is relevant to high-level policy-making.
  7. Build capacity through engagement of local decision-makers, practitioners and extension workers, smallholder associations, and researchers working with natural resource management.
  8. Identify the economic potential of connecting rural and urban markets, removing trade barriers, and integrating payment for environmental services (PES) systems.
  9. Develop sustainable mechanisms for monitoring and reporting systems covering a period of at least a 10 years.
  10. Investigate what is needed to institutionalize the landscape approach, such as coordination among different sectoral agencies from an early stage.

The project Landscape Approaches in Practice

These recommendations originate from the project Landscape Approaches in Practice, including a seminar organized by SIFI and SIANI, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå, Sweden, 17 March 2015.

The Policy Brief

Download the brief:

Integrated Landscape Approaches_ web


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Photo: Prof. Godwin Kowero