FAO is looking for a forest policy consultant

10 apr 2012

To work on a guide for forest policy

The FAO forest policy team is looking for a consultant to work on a guide for forest policy and/or nfp review/evaluation.

Countries experiences in the recent decades

This person should have a combination of practical experience in the matter (ideally in the context of developing or transitioning countries), analytical thinking and “easy-to-read” writing capacities. The purpose of the guide is to outline general concepts and practicalities associated with forest policy and or/nfp evaluation and reviews, based on countries experiences in the recent decades. The principle intended audience is senior government officials and the representatives of stakeholders who may be involved in a forest policy/nfp evaluation or review.


The TOR for this consultancy are attached below.

This guide for policy evaluation/review is foreseen as a continuation of the guide “Developing effective forest policy” published by the FAO in 2010

CV and a short note

Interested candidates are kindly requested to send their CV and a short note about their experience in this field with the list of related publications to Irina.buttoud@fao.org before April 25, 2012.


Even if not selected for the consultancy, some candidates may still be invited to participate in the expert meeting to discuss and contribute to the draft guide for forest policy evaluation/review, once it is ready.

TOR consultant-authour NFP-policy review

Photo: Jean-Philippe-Palas