National Forest Strategy of Finland 2025

3 sep 2019

New expectations and needs challenge the forest sector as a whole to reform and, at the same time, offer...

Stockholm IUFRO site visit

7 mar 2018

Report from the Management Committees decisive visit at KSLA, Stockholmsmässan and the City Hall

Welcome to Northern Europe

7 apr 2017

A film release crowns the application process for the IUFRO World Congress 2024 for Stockholm


1 nov 2015

Report from the Extraordinary Ministerial Conference

Institutional issues hindered an overall consensus

9 dec 2013

The negotiations on a Legally Binding Agreement (LBA) on forests in Europe were closed early in the...

European Forest Negotiations continue in Bonn – INC 2

12 sep 2012

More than 140 participants representing 39 signatory states and the European Union 

Russia takes an active part in policy development

17 aug 2012

Russia will take the LBA negotiations seriously, implementing what was stated at the beginning of the...

The new EU forest strategy

10 aug 2012

Taking into account the far-reaching societal and political changes in the past 15 years, the 1998 EU...