International World Wood Day

21 mar 2019

World Wood Day is an annual event celebrates the importance of wood, appreciates the value of wood, demonstrates the beauty of wood, and shares the knowledge of wood.


2019 World Wood Day event in Austria is jointly organized by the World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF) and the International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) to explore the theme Change. World Wood Day (March 21st) will observe its seventh celebration and anticipate about 550 participants from more than 90 countries and regions from around the world from March 20-24, 2019 at the Austrian Open Air Stubing, City of Graz in Austria.

Children’s Event

It is our duty to teach the young generation the responsible use of wood because wood plays a prominent role in our daily life and in a sustainable future. Wood education class is designed to nurture a sense of respect and responsibility towards wood, forest and nature that not only aims to impart key points, but more importantly to ignite a love and interest towards wood in those young and innocent hearts at an early age. First-hand experiences help us pass our passion of wood to the future generation and let the children witness, participate and truly enjoy the process of making art with wood.

Folk Art and Craftsmanship Workshop

The Folk Art and Craftsmanship Workshop program presents a variety of folk art handicrafts from different cultures and provides hands-on workshops for audience of all ages to experience authentic crafts-making. The audience can find the beauty and essence of various craftsmanships while enjoying the interactive activities and lively demonstrations.

Wood Architecture

Reconstruction of a water mill called Stockmuehle will be conducted by a team of well-known international and Austrian carpenters led by the Austrian Open-Air Museum during the 2019 World Wood Day event. A duplicate of the ”Pahl” mill will be built with historical tools and techniques and exhibited at the Austrian Open-Air Museum.

Tree Planting

The Tree Planting will be held on March 21st inside the compound of the Austria Open-Air Museum. It is an essential WWD program that contributes to climate change, environmental change and sustainable development. The tree species to be planted by the participants and organizers will be carefully evaluated and chosen by researchers.

Wood Design

Wood Design is an amalgamation of many different disciplines, all centered around a common starting point: wood and forest products. Led by Wendy Maruyama, the Wood Design team comprises practitioners in furniture making, industrial design, and installation/interior design and members of the team all utilize this material as a problem solving tool, looking for new and unique ways to understand and manipulate it. Wood design takes a contemporary look at a timeless material and asks, “what more can we do with this?”. The cooperation process is an ongoing effort to emphasize the material as a global language. The program aims to explore the material’s potential for addressing a variety of concerns in culture and nature that also reflects the annual theme.


The 2019 WWD Symposium and the 2nd IUFRO Forest Products Culture Research Group Colloquium which will be held from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd of March 2019 in the Austrian Open Air Museum Stuebing is following the general theme Change – from tradition to innovation. The symposium is co-organized by IAWA and IAWS, and is supported by IUFRO.


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