Understandning the European policy game

A seminarium at KSLA – 30th March

A Swedish research project

A research project at the  Swedish University of  Agricultural  Sciences (SLU) is currently unpacking the different dimensions of  european forest policy processes. The major focus of this project is the Forest europe process to develop a legally binding  agreement, which started just over three years ago and culminated in a  ministerial mandate to start negotiations on a pan-european Forest convention this year. There have since been several areas of conflict arising between parties involved, however the negotiations look set to tentatively start in early 2012.

Several forest policy initiatives

Against this backdrop, there are several other forest policy initiatives that have been quietly working their way through the  EU machinery of government.  Most notably, the  EU Green Paper on the  Protection of Forests and Forest Information has spawned a new process – a review of the eu Forest strategy, where Green Paper submissions on forest protection and production issues will be considered.  The forest information dimension of the Green Paper is now in the hands of a working group to determine the next step.

Playing the policy game

Ongoing analysis will attempt to shed some light on the interests behind each of these policy processes as well as those within each of the different policy processes. Outputs from this research will assist countries in better understanding how they may “play the policy game” in light of the multitude of competing interests in forest policy.

The Seminar

The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry is proud to present speakers highly involved in these processes and with such an experiences from the European policy game. Speakers from Non-EU members States will be contacted after the first session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Legally Binding Agreement on Forests in Europe that will be held in Vienna between the 27 of February and the 2 March.
The seminar will shed light on the driving forces and the future processes of the different policy processes and to catch the essence of the challenges during the panel discussion. The purpose of the seminar is to present the driving forces and the future processes of
a) the Forest Europe process
b) the Negotiations for a Legally Binding Agreement on Forests in Europe
c) the Green Paper on the Forest Protection and Information in the EU
d) the review of the EU Forestry Strategy


Åke Barklund, General Secretary and Managing Director, KSLA

09.30 Coffee and registration
10.00 Welcome
Åke Barklund, General Secretary and Managing Director, KSLA
10.10 Introduction and a general overview
Fredrik Ingemarson, Programme Manager, The Secretariat for International Forestry Issues (SIFI)
10.30 Forest policy and the EU
Markus Holzer, Head of Unit, Bioenergy, Biomass, Forestry and Climatic Changes,
11.00 The Pan-European forest agreement
Jan Heino, Senior Executive Specialist, International fellow at KSLA
11.30 Clarifications and questions
12.00 Lunch break
13.00 The interests behind the European policy game
Dr. Peter Edwards, Forest Products and Markets, SLU
13.30 The Swedish view on these processes
Ingeborg Bromée, Deputy Director, Ministry of Rural Affairs
13.50 A non-EU view on the European forest policy processes
Sergey Rodin, Deputy Head, Forest Research Institute (FSU VNIILM), The Russian
14.10 An EU Member State’s view on the European forest policy processes
Graça Rato, Adviser, Autoridade Florestal Nacional MAMAOT, Portugal,
14.30 Coffee
14.45 Panel discussion (all speakers)
16.00 Mingle in the foyer

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Text: Fredrik Ingemarson, SIFI, Sandra Thunander, SIFI, Peter Edwards, SLU
Photo: Fotoakuten