International cooperation and the tenure reform in China

2 feb 2012

The international fellow Mrs. Shen is visiting Sweden

Division Director Shen Suhua was inaugurated in the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA) during the 199th Commemorative meeting the 28th of January.

A cooperation agreement between China and Sweden

Together with the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) the academy organize the visit, including meetings with the Academies fellows, the Swedish agricultural university, the Ministries for environment and rural affairs, forest owners and their federations. In October last year a cooperation agreement between the LRF Forest Owners and the State Forestry Chinese authority was signed in Gunagzhou, in the presence of Chinese and Swedish Deputy Trade Ministers.

A Chinese delegation from the State Forest Administration

Mrs. Shen Suhua is responsible for the international cooperations at International Forestry Cooperation Center. The Chinese delegation also consists of Mrs. Xing Hong, Division Director and responsible for the collective forestry tenure reform at the Department of Rural Forestry Reform and development and Mr. Yu Yue, Program Officer at the International Forestry Cooperation Center. Below is a short description of the fast development in the chinese forstry sector, based on the speeches held by Mrs. Shen Suhua and Mrs. Xing Hong during their visit in Sweden. Please, download the presentations below.

China’s forestry sector is now transforming

Great changes have occurred in both the global forestry situation and forestry situation of China, as an important fundamental industry and a public service with various special functions, forestry is stepping into the foreground.

China’s forestry is now transforming from a single industry towards a comprehensive industry, and has clearly set development ideas and tasks, thus the international forestry cooperation of China should be conducted strictly based on these ideas and tasks.

Forestry agreements with over 40 countries

China’s forestry has built an overall, multi-level and wide opening-up pattern, and has established close relationship with international society: China has signed bilateral forestry agreements with over 40 countries, and has signed forestry cooperation agreements or regular meeting mechanisms with over 20 international organizations.

After smooth implementation of international cooperation projects in many years, the international forestry cooperation project areas in China have gained well ecological, economic and social impacts. Experiences and practices which have been accumulated and summarized from the projects have provided important references for forestry development of China, and have played a positive promotion role.

84 million farmers have obtained forest right certificates

In 2008, in order to increase farmer’s interest in forestry and release potential of forestry productivity, based on the practice of Fujian, Jiangxi provinces, Chinese government launched Collective forest tenure reform. Farmers are given 70 years land use right. So far, there are 173 million ha. (The forest stock is 4 billion cubic meters) collective-owned forestland contracted to farmers. 84 million farmers have obtained forest right certificates, and over 400 million of farmers have benefited directly from the reform. But it is an arduous task to fulfill the setting target.

Text: Shen Suhua and Xing Hong

Photo: Jan-Erik Nylund & Mats Gerentz

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