Landscape Approaches in Practice

Film recordings and presentations from the seminar in Umeå, March 17

Get first-hand updates from the forefront of the landscape approach practice lead by SIFI, SIANI, CIFOR, WWF, SLU and Sida. Follow the global dialogue about where the natural resource management is heading. Land­scape approaches are widely used, but the delineation of what constitutes a “landscape” for analytical, planning and management purposes is not always obvious.

Program part 1

  • 13.00 Welcome and dayoverview
  • 13.05 Introduction to landscape approaches and future food demand, Dr. Björn Lundgren, Board Member, SIFI 
  • 13.15 Landscape approaches to reconcile competing land uses, Dr. Liz Deakin, Post Doctoral Fellow, CIFOR
  • 14.00 Landscape approaches versus sectorial approaches, Mia Crawford, Deputy Director, Ministry of Enterprice and innovation
  • 14.20 Comments from the social pointofview, Asst. Prof. Camilla Sandström, Headof research Future Forest, Umeå University
  • 14.40 Coffee break

Film recordings part 1

The presentations starts after about 15 minutes. Edited recordings will be released during the next few days.

Program part 2

  • 15.00 Comments from the ecosystem services points of view, Prof. Anders Malmer, Director SLU Global, SLU
  • 15.20 Comments from the economical point of view, Prof. Sten Nilsson, Board Member, SIFI
  • 16.00 Panel discussion and questions from the audience, Ola Möller, Senior Policy Specialist, Sida and Ambassador Lennart Båge, Board Member, SIFI, Dr. Liz Deakin, Mia Crawford, Dr. Björn Lundgren
    16.45 Final remarks and announcements regarding the policy brief, Jan Heino, Senior Specialist and Board Member, SIFI
  • 17.00 End of seminar­­ and way forward, Madeleine Fogde, Program Director, SIANI

Moderator: Fredrik Ingemarson, SIFI


Film recordings part 2

The presentations starts after about 18 minutes. Edited recordings will be released during the next few days.