Presentations from the first seminar about food, fibre and fuel

Programme to Seminar No. 1: “ – is there enough land to satisfy the demands?”

Moderator of conferences: Mr. Lennart Båge, Ambassador and ex-President IFAD

09.00 Coffee and registration

09.30 Welcome and presentation of KSLA
Mr. Åke Barklund, Secretary General and Managing Director, KSLA

Introduction to the conferences – their purpose, scope, structure and goals
Dr. Björn Lundgren, Chair KSLA Committee on International Forest Issues

09.50 Session 1: Global demand for food in the next 20 years

Presentation: No. 1: Dr. Stefan Wirsenius, associate Professor, Division of Physical Resource Theory, Chalmers University, Gothenburg

Presentation No. 2:  Dr. Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, Team Leader of FAO’s Global Perspectives Studies team Director, Agriculture Development Economics Division, FAO, Rome

Presentation No. 3: Mr. Harald Svensson, Chief Economist, Swedish Board of Agriculture, Jonkoping

11.00 Session 2: Global demand for wood and fibre in the next 20 years

Presentation: Mr. Jan Wintzell, Director, Pöyry Sweden AB, Stockholm

11.30 Session 3: Global demand for bioenergy crops in the next 20 years

Presentation No. 1: Dr. Stefan Bringezu, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment andEnergy,Germany

Presentation No. 2: Anders Dahlberg, handling officer, the Swedish Energy Agency

12.15 Lunch in Oscars Källare

13.00 Session 4: Availability of and competition for land to meet increased demands of food, fibre and fuel

Presentation: Prof. Sten Nilsson, CEO, Forest Sector Insights AB, ex-IIASA

14.00 Panel – discussion and questions

Panel made up of “international” speakers in sessions 2–5 plus one or two more:

  • Dr. Stefan Wirsenius
  • Dr. Dominique van der Mensbrugghe
  • Mr. Jan Winzell
  • Dr. Stefan Bringezau
  • Prof. Sten Nilsson
  • Mrs Annika Söder, UD

15.00 Coffee

15.15 Continued discussion and question session

15.45 Summary and round-up by moderator and KSLA organisers